Tears of Themis Closed Beta Registration is now officially open!


Sign-Up Period: 19 APR 12:00 - 6 MAY 12:00 (GMT+9)

Closed Beta Info
1. CB Type: Free CB test (data-non-transferable)
2. CB Platform: iOS & Android
3. CB Period: 8 MAY 12:00 - 18 MAY 19:00 (GMT+9)
4. Languages: EN, JP, KR, CHS, CHT
5. For the best experience, the following system specs are recommended:
Android: 4GB+ RAM, 2GB+ storage space, Android 6.0+
iOS: iPhone 6S+, 1GB RAM, iOS 9.0+
6. Exclusive CB Item: You will receive an exclusive Closed-Beta Insignia for completing specific in-game tasks during the CB. The exclusive insignia can be claimed by logging onto the same account used for the CB upon the official release.

Special Notice
1. 20,000 players who successfully pre-registered through the Google Play or App Stores in any closed beta test region will be randomly selected to participate in the closed beta on May 7.
2. Please sign up and log in with your HoYoverse account before the CB begins. During the CB period, players who have the access to the Closed Beta can use your registered HoYoverse account to log into the game.
3. For GooglePlay users, please register with your GooglePlay account e-mail. For iOS users, it is recommended that you use your Apple ID e-mail.
4. E-mail instructions will be sent to the 20,000 CB users on May 7. Please be sure to provide accurate information when registering.
5. Upon receiving the notification, please follow the instructions to install the CB game client. Do not share your CB information with others. CB access will not be reissued if you were denied access due to sharing this information.
6. If you need to change your registered information, please do so before 6 MAY 12:00(GMT+9) via the sign-up website.
7. Please contact us at totcs_glb@mihoyo.com if you experience any problems.