Tears of Themis Community Lucky Draw Event Official Rules



1. The Tears of Themis Community Lucky Draw Event start and end dates ("event period") will be announced on the official website and/or the official social media accounts.

The organizer of this Lucky Draw Event is COGNOSPHERE ("Organizer").

By participating in the Lucky Draw Event, each participant agrees to accept and abide by the official rules and decisions of the Organizer. These decisions shall be final and binding.

The Organizer is responsible for the collection, submission, and processing of participants' entries, as well as the overall administration of the Lucky Draw Event.

Participants should contact the Organizer should they have any questions, feedback or problems related to the Lucky Draw Event.

2. Eligibility: The Lucky Draw Event is open to natural persons in qualifying regions. You should be a legal resident and are regarded as an adult under local law ("Participant" or "you").

If you are under 13 or a minor by the laws and regulations of your country/region of residence, please obtain permission from your legal guardian before participating.

The Organizer and its subsidiaries, affiliates, distributors, retailers, sales representatives, senior executives, directors, employees, and any entity involved in the administration or execution of the Lucky Draw Event shall not be eligible to participate in the Event or win any prizes.

The immediate family members of the aforementioned individuals are also ineligible to participate in the Event or win any prizes.

This Lucky Draw Event is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. If the Event is forbidden or restricted by any law(s), the forbidden or restricted part(s) shall become invalid under such jurisdictions.

In addition, prizes may not be able to be sent to some locations to due to the limitations in the service of our third party delivery service provider. These locations will not be included in the qualifying regions.

3. Prizes are non-transferable, not exchangeable for cash, and non-exchangeable.

The approximate retail prices of the prizes represent the good faith decision of the Organizer. This decision is final, binding and cannot be appealed.

If the actual value of the prizes is less than the stated approximate retail prices, the difference shall not be compensated in cash.

The Organizer makes no representations or warranties with regard to the appearance, safety, or function of the prizes.

The Organizer shall not replace any lost or stolen prizes.

This Lucky Draw Event is open to legal residents of qualifying regions. The prizes shall only be granted and/or delivered to qualifying regions.

All applicable taxes and additional fees shall be borne by the prize winner.

Participants who do not comply with the official rules shall be considered to have forfeited their prizes.

4. Winner selection: Winners will be selected randomly among all the qualifying participants during the duration of the Event.

The random draw will be carried out by the Organizer. The probability of winning depends on the confirmed number of qualifying participants during the Event.

5. Winner notification: Winners will be notified through private messages on social media during the notification period after the lucky draw.

Potential winners must respond to the private messages and accept the prizes as instructed by the Organizer during the response period.

If the Organizer is unable to contact any winner within five (5) calendar days after the first notification, if any prize or prize notification indicates failure of delivery, or if any potential winner rejects the prize or does not comply with the rules and requirements, the prize shall be considered as forfeited.

If your account is set to private or under other situations which cause you to be unable to receive the reward information, you will not be able to successfully participate in the event.

Once a prize is forfeited, there will be no compensation given.

Potential winners may need to sign and return a proof of qualification, liability waiver and information disclosure agreement (collectively referred to as the "Prize Acceptance Documents").

No substitution or transfer of prizes will be allowed except by the Organizer.

6. Privacy: The Organizer may collect and use your necessary information such as UID, nickname, email address, name, phone number, mailing address, country/region, and other information as necessary to provide digital prize(s) and/or deliver physical prize(s), and/or publicly announce your UID and/or nickname. If you agree to provide such information under these circumstances, it will be regarded as giving permission to the Organizer to collect and use this information for these purposes.

In addition, by providing this information, you agree to allow the Organizer to share your personal information with other entities where necessary for the purpose of management and redemption of prizes, including public disclosure of winner information (if any). If you refuse to provide this information, you shall be considered to have forfeited the prizes.

If you are under 13 years of age or a minor as defined by the laws and regulations of your country/region of residence, you must obtain the prior consent of your legal guardian before granting authorization.

Your information collected under the aforementioned circumstances may be stored and processed on servers outside your country of residence, but wherever it is processed, we will provide you with a level of data protection that is substantially equivalent to the legal requirements of your region and take appropriate measures to protect your legitimate rights and interests; and the information you provide is for our use only and will not be disclosed to any third party without your prior consent.

7. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: By participating, Participants and winner(s) agree to release and hold harmless the Organizer and its advertising and promotion agencies and its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, representatives, agents, successors, assigns, employees, senior executives, and directors from any and all liability for loss, harm, damage, injury, cost or expense whatsoever including without limitation, property damage, personal injury and/or death which may occur in connection with, preparation for, or participation in the Event, or possession, acceptance, and/or use or misuse of prize or participation in any Event-related activity and for any claims based on publicity rights, defamation or invasion of privacy and merchandise delivery.

8. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore, without regard to conflict of laws principles. The "United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods" will not apply here.

You agree to and acknowledge that any claim or legal action relating to the Lucky Draw Event will be submitted to the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and processed according to its arbitration rules.

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, you acknowledge that any dispute resolution proceedings, whether arbitration or litigation, will be conducted solely on an individual basis and not on a class or representative basis.


If you have any questions about the Lucky Draw Event or if there are any issues related to the Event, please contact us via email: totcs_glb@hoyoverse.com