Participate In The Puzzle Minigame #ShatteredPath To Win S-Chips!


What awaits you at the end of the dark tunnel? A bright and just future... or false hopes?

Participate in this puzzle minigame to win S-Chips!


Event Period:

7/16 12:00 — 7/27 12:00 (GMT+9)

Event Details:

1. Players will go through five stages of challenges. Tap on a Puzzle Piece to move and rotate it, piece together all Puzzle Pieces to complete the stage and unlock subsequent stages.

2. Once a Puzzle Piece has been placed in the correct position, it will automatically lock in place and cannot be moved again.

3. These challenges will be timed. You can repeat a challenge for a better record.

4. Log in with your miHoYo account to save your records. You will not be able to receive S-Chips if your records are not saved.

To Claim Your Rewards:

1. Upon Tears of Themis' official release on Android and iOS, log in to the game with the miHoYo account that completed this event. S-Chips will be sent to your in-game mailbox within one week.

2. Only one final stage clear upload will be counted for each account. Each account can receive rewards only once.