"New Home Day" Limited-Time Event


Stellis Furniture City will soon kick off its limited-time "New Home Day" event.
Dazzling furniture of every color and style is everywhere,
Grab some furniture and decorate the Lounge!

▌ "New Home Day" Event Available for a Limited Time
- Event Period: After the update on 2021/10/13 – 10/27 04:00 (UTC+9)
- Event Details:
1. Complete limited-time tasks to obtain a total of 11 Wooden Style furniture blueprints, Exquisite Lumber, and Stellin
2. Limited-time tasks include challenging "Home Improvement" a specified number of times, spending a specified number of Stellin, and customizing a specified number of Wooden Style furniture
3. Complete the limited-time task of "Customizing 12 Wooden Style Furniture" to obtain the limited badge "Leisure Time"