Fieldwork Feature Overview


Complete cases to increase your law firm's reputation!
The "Fieldwork" feature will be available shortly after the version update on October 13!

✨ Fieldwork Gameplay Overview
Earn Reputation in Stellis by providing Legal Aid. Increase your Reputation Rating in the South Stellis, Waterfront, Long Beach, and Orchidshine districts to unlock a wealth of rewards.
- Complete cases in each district to increase your Reputation Rating in the respective district
- Complete five cases in a district to trigger a Lawsuit
※ You can use S-Chips to locate additional cases
※ Fatigue is shared between districts. You can use S-Chips to increase your Fatigue cap

✨ Fieldwork Rewards
Reach a specific Reputation Rating in the corresponding district to obtain "Casual" Set Outfits for the male leads and the Namecards "South Stellis - Antique Shop," "Waterfront - Themis," "Long Beach - Headquarters," "Orchidshine - von Hagen Estate", and other rewards.