Server Maintenance Notice


Dear Attorneys,

The all-new version will be available! For a better gaming experience in Stellis, the server will undergo maintenance on 10/13 (Wed) from 12:00 to 17:00 (UTC+9). Please restart the game after maintenance is over. At 10/13 12:30, attorneys can go to either the official website or their requisite app store to download the new game client. iOS users may utilize App Store notifications. After the update, attorneys will not be able to access the game through the client until maintenance ends. After maintenance ends, all attorneys will receive S-Chip ×300. Please go to your in-game Mailbox to claim them after updating the client. Compensation will be valid for seven days.

Version Update Details:

▌New Birthday Feature

A new birthday entry area will be added to the Personal Info's Namecard interface. Set your birthday in the Birthday feature to receive a Birthday Surprise on the day of your birthday. You may select a character to spend your birthday with you. Not only will he prepare a birthday surprise, but he will also have an exclusive birthday present just for you. Attorneys can receive a total of 4 birthday presents. Each birthday present will contain: Tears of Themis ×1, Energy Drink Family Pack ×1, and card skill level up materials for the corresponding character. Check the announcement on the official website for more details.

▌New NXX Lounge Feature and Events

- Feature Location

After the update, The NXX Headquarters will be changed to NXX. There will be an addition of the Lounge at the NXX main screen. Tap on it to enter the Lounge.

- After the update, between 2021/10/13 - 2021/10/27 04:00, participate in the "New Home Day" event and complete limited-time tasks to receive 11 "Wooden Style" furniture blueprints, Exquisite Lumber,and many more event items. Complete the Lounge tutorial to receive the Cozy Wall blueprint.

▌New Fieldwork Feature

After the update, the Decks on the main screen will be changed to the new Fieldwork button. Players can access Legal Aid in Fieldwork to complete jobs in different areas of Stellis to receive Case Reports and Reputation Ratings. Players can also receive "Casual" Set Outfits, Namecards, and many rich rewards from Fieldwork. Case Report Exchange Shop will also be added to the Mall - Exchange Shop. Here, players can exchange for card level up material, card skill level up material, and other rewards.

▌New Visit - Chat Invitation and Chat Switch Feature

Complete Personal Story 01-01 for the corresponding characters to claim "Visit" Invitations at Task - Main Story. A new Chat Switch button will be available on your main screen after you've changed to the "Visit" Invitation in the Personal Info interface.Players can use this shortcut to head right to the interaction content to increase your Affection with the corresponding character. Interactive games and outfit changing features will also be added to the Chat Switch function for your convenience.

▌New Outfit Changing Feature

A new Outfit Changing feature is added to Visit - Chat. Players can receive free "Casual" Outfits from Fieldwork to change the character into. New voice-lines and animations will be available when wearing "Casual" Outfits. Stay tuned to future announcements for more new Outfit details.

▌New Background Changing Feature

After changing to the "Visit" Invitation in your Personal Info interface, a new Change Background button will be available in the Chat Switch function. Players can tap on the Change Background button to change the background of "Visit" Invitations.

"Visit" Invitation Dynamic Background Packs will be available for a limited-time at a discount price after the update on 10/13. You can also complete the "Reach Affection Lv.3 for any character" task in Task - Main Story to receive the "Central Business District" background.

▌New Achievement Feature

Players can view the newly added achievements and rewards in the Task - Achievement interface. There are more than 80 new achievement tasks and a total of more than 2000 S-Chips waiting for you!

▌New Weekly Tasks

Players can view the newly added weekly quests and rewards in the Task - Weekly interface. Weekly Tasks will be refreshed every Monday at 04:00(UTC+9).

▌New Namecard Feature

A new Namecard feature is added to the Personal Info interface. Players can complete tasks in Fieldwork to receive Namecard rewards and change your Namecard in the Personal Info interface.Your Friends List will also be changed to reflect your new Namecard change.

▌Personal Info Interface Upgrade

The Personal Info interface has been adjusted and improved. An all new badge display area has been added and the Collection progress area has been improved. Players can now display more

badges and view the number of collected furniture and Invitations. The buttons of some functions have been moved to a more convenient location

▌Debate Presentation Improvement

Bonus effect details can now be viewed during a debate. Tap on the corresponding icons to view the effects and details of the bonus effect. The Defense display has also been improved during a debate. Players can now see the Defense bonuses of a card more directly.When using cards that increase Defense during a debate, 4 different types of animated shields will be triggered. A white shield icon means all defenses are increased, while the other colors correspond to the Defense towards Empathy, Logic, and Intuition to improve the display of attribute counters and strategies

▌New Reset Function for Anomaly Level

After the update, players can use S-Chips to reset the chances of Anomaly Level attempts. You will gain 3 debate chances per reset. The cost of using S-Chips to reset will increase starting from S-Chip ×20 for the first time of the day to a maximum of S-Chip ×60 per reset. There are no limits to how many resets you can perform a day.

▌New Ways to Access Legal Studies

After the update, players can use S-Chips to access Legal Studies that are not available on that given day. Each use will cost S-Chip ×20. Availability will be reset every day at 04:00(UTC+9).

▌New SSR Card Vision Animation Replay Function

After the update, a new animation replay button "OP" will be added to the top right corner of the SSR card interface. Attorneys can tap on the button to view the animation that plays when drawing the SSR card.

▌New R Card Upgrade Material in the Exchange Shop

Players can head to the Mall - Gift I Exchange Shop to exchange for R card upgrade materials: Vision Star R, Equalization Star R, Mind Star R, and Infinity Star R.

▌New Base Switch Button

A new switch button has been added to the bottom left corner of the Resource Requisition and File Room interface. Players can now switch between the two interfaces more conveniently.

▌Card Upgrade Item Name Improvement

Item names of SR card upgrade materials Vision Star II and Equalization Star II have been changed to Vision Star SR and Equalization Star SR. Item names of SSR card upgrade materials Vision Star III and Equalization Star III have been changed to Vision Star SSR and Equalization Star SSR to improve distinction and searchability.

▌Debate Feature Improvement

Debate speed 1.5× has been added. After the update, the default debate speed will be 1.5×.

▌Name-Change Key Available in the Mall

The Name-Change Key will be available in Mall - Pack - Permanent after the update. Each player is limited to a total of 2 purchases.

▌New Monthly Card Expiration Reminder

A countdown reminder will appear in your Mall - Gem - Monthly Card when your Monthly Card is near expiration. You will also receive a Monthly Card expiration reminder in your Mailbox. When your Monthly Card has expired, a blue dot reminder will appear on the Mall.

▌Mall Monthly Card Interface Improvement

The original Monthly Card information on the Pack - Permanent interface will be combined into the new Monthly Card page under Mall - Gem, improving the convenience for viewing Monthly Card privileges and Privilege Packs.

▌First Purchase Location Adjustment

A new Purchase Bonus button will be added to the left of the main screen, making it more convenient for players to view the First Purchase rewards.

▌Other Adjustments

Rookie Tasks will be moved to Events after the update. Rookie Attorneys can find Rookie Check-In and Rookie Tasks by tapping Rookie Tasks in the Event interface.