Personal Story Episode 3 Available


Take his hand and walk with him through the slow passage of time. Your personal story with him continues.

Personal Story Episode 3 will be released on May 6!

As the years go by, they take with them the bashfulness of youth. But courage and old habits will never change.
The night is quiet and still. Listen to his low murmurs and the soft whispers of his heart.
A pair of love locks, symbolizing the wish to never be apart.
The colors on the canvas capture memories of knowing and loving each other, of overcoming the final obstacle in your heart.
The days of the past are dearly treasured.
I wish to still be with you for all the days to come.

A new episode is about to begin—

◆ The Personal Story episode 3 will not have Artem's Japanese voice-over for the time being. Attorneys can check previous announcements for more information. Attorneys can also swap voice-over languages to experience the story if necessary. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you!