" Special Consultation" Available Soon


Complete Special Consultation to obtain a wealth of rewards.

✦ Event Period: 2022/5/22 11:00 - 6/1 04:00 (UTC+9)

✦ Event Details:
1. Accept Special Consultation Cases to Obtain "Special Report"
During the event, complete Special Consultation cases to obtain Special Reports. After completing three cases, a Lawsuit will appear. Complete the Lawsuit to obtain a large amount of Special Reports. You can use S-Chips to conduct one case search and refresh the number of Special Consultations available. There is no daily limit on the number of searches you can perform.

2. Complete Special Consultation's To-Do List to Obtain Many Rewards
During the event, complete tasks in the Special Consultation To-Do List to obtain Luke MR "Shining Warmth," MR Vision Stars, S-Chips, and other rewards.

3. "Special Report" Exchange Shop Available for a Limited Time
From 2022/5/22 11:00 to 6/3 04:00 (UTC+9), use Special Reports in the Mall's Exchange Shop to exchange for the namecard "Special - Shining Warmth," Stellin, and many other rewards
※ After this event ends, unused Special Reports will be converted into Stellin at a rate of 1:10.