"Reciprocal Hearts" Birthday Series Rerun


Loving memories, frozen in a frame.

"Reciprocal Hearts" Birthday Series is about to rerun for a limited time!

✦ Vyn Birthday SSR "A Star in the Night" Limited-Time Rerun and Rate-Up
✧ Event Period: 2022/9/19 11:00 - 9/24 04:00 (UTC+9)
✧ Event Details:
1. During the event, Attorneys can use Tears of Themis to obtain Cards in the "Loving Harmony" Event Shadow of Themis.
2. This Event Shadow of Themis' SSR pool only contains: event-limited Vyn SSR "A Star in the Night" with an increased draw rate, Vyn SSR "Medieval Suspense," and Vyn SSR "Near and Far." A Rate-Up SSR is guaranteed within 100 draws. Receive Trace of Tears ×1 with every draw.
3. During the event, Attorneys can use Trace of Tears to exchange for Stellin, card skill upgrade materials, and more. For more specifics about item availability, price, and purchase limit, you can check it out by going to "Mall - Exchange Shop - Trace of Tears Exchange Shop."
4. After the event ends, unused Trace of Tears will be converted into Stellin at a rate of 1:1,000.

✦ Advice from DAVIS:
1. When you've obtained the rate-up SSR card from this Event Shadow of Themis, the guaranteed count will be reset.
2. "The rate-up SSR card within every 100 draws" guaranteed count will be carried forward to the next birthday event Shadow of Themis rerun.