✦ "Return to Stellis" Returner System Update


Return to Stellis, and rekindle warm memories.
The "Return to Stellis" returner system will be available after the maintenance on October 11!

✦ "Return to Stellis" Returner System Update
✧ Event Availability: After the 10/11 maintenance
✧ During the event, Attorneys may claim the Reunion Gift after reading the reunion letter, and choose any of the male leads to unlock the event-limited fully-voiced story "Rekindle Warm Memories." You may review the story on the "Reunion Memory" page, where you can also read the reunion stories of other male leads.
✧ Advice from DAVIS:
1. "Return to Stellis" Unlock Requirements: Account level is 10 or higher; Have cleared Main Story level 01-13; Have not logged in to the game for 45 days or more, and have not activated the returner system for 60 days or more.
2. The returner system will be activated after login and will last for 15 days.

✦ "Return to Stellis" Event Details
✧ Reunion Reveries
Reunion Reveries will be automatically unlocked after the returner system is activated. Attorneys can complete Reveries Tasks to level up your Reveries and obtain S-Chips, Stellin, and other rewards. You can also purchase the Tiered Pass to garner more rewards.
✧ Reunion MR Event "Reunion at Stellis"
Attorneys can use S-Chips or purchase the event pack in the Mall to participate in the event and obtain one past MR card of their choice. (Luke "Companionship," Artem "Intentions," Vyn "Promise," and Marius "Keepsake.")
✧ Reunion Shadow of Themis
Attorneys can select a past event-limited SSR card for rate-up, and use Tears of Themis to draw visions from the Reunion Shadow of Themis pool. Your selection cannot be changed. (Luke "Shape of You," Artem "Entwined Fate," Vyn "Between Good and Evil," Marius "Fabulous Feast," Marius "All Through the Night," Artem "Por Una Cabeza," Luke "Peaceful Place," Marius "Will of the Trees," Artem "Sunshine After the Rain," Vyn "Food for Thought," Vyn "Neon Melody," and Luke "Through the Heavens.")
✧ Reunion Privileges
1. Extra Clear Rewards for Legal Studies, extra EXP and Stellin after winning a debate, among other privileges.
2. Value Reunion Pack Purchase Privilege.
✧ Advice from DAVIS:
1. "Returner Gifts" (the former returner system) will be closed on 9/25 04:00 (UTC+9). Attorneys who have returned between 9/25 04:00 (UTC+9) and the 10/11 update can claim daily returner rewards via your Mailbox for 15 days, instead of experiencing the new or former returner system.
2. Your guaranteed draw count for Reunion Shadow of Themis will carry over to next time when you activate "Return to Stellis" again.