A Love Poem to Skadi — New Dynamic Invitations


Take my hand in yours, and let us gaze warmly into each other's eyes. We will pass our time in each other's company, and savor its sweetness together.

✦ Available During This Period

2022/01/01 11:00 - 2022/01/25 04:00 (UTC+9)

✦ How to Obtain the New Invitations

✧ Method One: Draw Key Rewards from the "Faerie Wishes" Event Wishing Pool

1. Obtain Lucky Fruit Tarts by participating in the "A Love Song to Skadi" event. Use Lucky Fruit Tarts in the Event Wishing Pool to obtain Key Rewards including Aurora Invitation x1, Tears of Themis - Love Poem x6, and other rich rewards.

2. You can use "Aurora Invitation" to exchange for one of the four new event invitations: Luke "Gracious Invitation," Artem "Your Gaze," Vyn "A Shared Moment," and Marius "Sharing A Drink."

3. "Faerie Wishes" has a total of 6 Wishing Pools. Obtain the current Wishing Pool's Key Reward in order to unlock the next Wishing Pool.

✧ Method Two: Purchase "Aurora Invitation" Packs from the Mall

1. "Aurora Invitation" Packs will be available in the Mall under Packs > Limited-Time. The Packs contain both "Aurora Invitation" and S-Chips.

2. If you already own all Invitations from this event, you can convert "Aurora Invitation"into S-Chip x680.

Enjoy a beautiful moment with him beneath the northern lights.