Participate in the "Good Times" Event to Obtain a New Furniture Set!


Build a cozy cottage to spend a heartwarming winter's day together.

Treehouse, hot spring, comfy couch, winter camping tent...
Collect Faerie's Gifts to commemorate the beautiful memories of your Skadi trip.

Event Period:

2022/1/1 11:00 – 1/25 04:00 (UTC+9)

Event Details:
1. During the event period, participate in the "Good Times" Time-Limited Total Purchases event, and accumulate certain amounts of Total Purchases to obtain the "Faerie's Gift" furniture set (10 pieces), Smart Room Card, Selection Star SSR, Oracles of Justice IV, Stellin, and other rewards.

※ "Selection Star SSR" can be found in the Inventory's "Consumables" tab. It is used to obtain an SSR card upgrade material of your choice.

2. "Room 2" will be added to the Lounge after 2022/1/1 11:00(UTC+9). Attorneys can use "Smart Room Card" or "S-Chips x 100" to unlock "Room 2."

3. Attorneys who obtain "Smart Room Card" from the Time-Limited Total Purchases event after using S-Chips to unlock "Room 2" will be unable to use "Smart Room Card" to unlock "Room 2" again. "Smart Room Card" will not expire and can be used to unlock new rooms added in the future.