"A Love Poem to Skadi" Event Shadow of Themis ✦ SSR Rate-Up Event Calendar ✦


From 1/1 11:00 to 1/25 04:00 (UTC+9), 4 event SSR will receive a limited-time rate up! Please refer to the image for the SSR rate-up rotation.

Event Details:
1. This event Shadow of Themis' SSR pool contains only the four event SSR cards: Luke "Twinking Eyes," Artem "Wandering Heart," Vyn "Blazing Colors," and Marius "Daytime Aurora."
2. "Tears of Themis - Love Poem" and "Tears of Themis - Limited" can be used in the "A Love Poem to Skadi" event Shadow of Themis.
3. "Tears of Themis - Love Poem" ×10 can be purchased up to 6 times for S-Chip ×1440 per purchase. How to purchase: tap the DAVIS icon for "Limited-Time Sale" in the in-game Event Shadow of Themis page.
4. After the event ends, "Tears of Themis - Love Poem" will be converted to Tears of Themis at a rate 0f 1:1. "Tears of Themis - Limited" will be converted to Stellin at a rate of 1:10,000.