"Secrets of the Tomb" Gameplay Details


Explore the mysterious ruins of Khaimit. Collect Antiquated Coins and exchange them for generous rewards.

Event Period: After the update on 4/29 to 5/20 04:00 (UTC+9)

Unlock Requirements: Complete Main Story Level 02-28

1. Complete Main Story and Side Story tasks to obtain "Antiquated Coins"
During the event, the "Shadows of Resurrection" Main Story and Side Story tasks will be available in stages. Complete these tasks to obtain "Antiquated Coins".

2. Complete event tasks to obtain the event-limited commemorative badge and R cards
During the event, complete tasks to obtain "Tears of Themis - Limited," S-Chips, and Selection Star MR. Complete all tasks in the event's 4th stage to obtain the event-limited commemorative badge "Roaring Sands". Complete tasks relating to raising exploration levels and raising the male leads' exploration skills to obtain the following R cards: Luke "Willful Youth," Artem "Systematic," Vyn "Fated Invitation," Marius "Kingly Praise," and the corresponding card fragments.

3. Proceed to the "Tomb of Ita" to start exploring and obtain Exploration Points
During the event, Attorneys can consume Exploration Energy to clear debris and obtain Exploration Points and Exploration Experience. Attorneys will also need to raise their Exploration Rank, obtain Exploration Knowledge Points, level up their Exploration Abilities, and continue progressing deeper into the tomb.

4. Help Rubis Museum's curator seek out and collect Artifacts
During the event, Attorneys can raise their Exploration Rank to accept Artifact Tasks and unlock all kinds of Artifacts within the Rubis Museum. Collect certain Artifacts to obtain S-Chips.

5. Khaimit Market Available for a Limited Time: Exchange Antiquated Coins for Generous Rewards
Event Period: After the update on 4/29 – 5/22 04:00 (UTC+9)
During the event, accumulate certain amounts of Antiquated Coins to exchange for the limited Invitation "Desert Road," "Tears of Themis - Limited," and other generous rewards at the Khaimit Market Exchange Shop

◆ The main story, Invitation, and the SSR "Echoes Ablaze" card story in the "Secrets of the Tomb" event will not have Artem's Japanese voice-over for the time being. Attorneys can check previous announcements for more information. Attorneys can also swap voice-over languages to experience the story if necessary.