Main Story Episode 5 (III) Unlocked


"Humans are often blinded by short-sighted benefit, and yet they reason their choice to be intelligent."

Facing the pleasant warmth of sunrise, those golden eyes hide a smile within; as his whispers reach your ears...

"The secrets of the world do not come without a price."

Main Story Episode 5 (III) Updated

Main Story Episode 5 - Sins of Cynicism (III) will be available after the update on 2021/08/27(UTC+9). Complete all episode levels to obtain Tears of Themis x1, Stellin x10000, and Oracle of Justice IV x10

Unlock Requirements: Complete Main Story Level 05-28

Episode 5 (III) Anomaly Levels Open

Complete all Episode 5 (III) Anomaly Levels to obtain S-Chip x100, Vyn "Entrapped" Fragment x10, and Stellin x10000

Unlock Requirements: Complete Anomaly Level 05-24 and Main Story Level 05-43

Anomaly Level Limited-Time Event

After the update on 2021/08/27 - 2021/09/03 04:00(UTC+9), all Anomaly Levels from Episode 1 to 5 (III) will receive an increased drop rate for card fragments

Luke "Together with You" and Vyn "Entrapped" will be added to the Permanent "Shadow of Themis"