Tears of Themis now available for pre-download!


Download Now: https://mhy.link/f75dGBA6

Let's prepare to enter Stellis together!

Official Release on 7/29

Servers Open: 2021/7/29 12:00(GMT+9)


1. If you participated in the Tears of Themis closed beta and still have its client installed, please delete old files before pre-downloading.

2. The following specifications are recommended for a better gaming experience:

Android: 4 GB RAM or more, 3 GB available space or more, Android version 6.0 or later

iOS: iPhone model 6S or later, iOS version 9.0 or later, 6 GB RAM or more

3. We recommend that your device have at least 3 GB of available space for the game's initial download, and that you download the game via Wi-Fi.