Tears of Themis Derivative Work Creator Guidelines


1. Permitted Works (Restricted to own creations)

a) Illustrations, fan magazines, comics, fanfics, and related content

b) Cosplay outfits and cosplay activities

2. Prohibited Actions

a) Using any content for business activities instead of personal use (for works of high economic value)

b) Directly copying, scanning, or tracing official materials (illustrations, videos, dubbing, music, symbols, etc.) to create any part of a work

c) Creating any content that is judged to be damaging to HoYoverse's company or image, or is harmful to a third party's reputation or honor

d) Creating any works that violate public conduct or established rules and regulations, or contains insensitive or inconsiderate content

e) Using copyrighted, third-party works to create any part of the work

f) Creating works that contain any materials that have not been officially released by the company

g) Aside from the above, including any content that is judged to be inadequate or inappropriate

3. Fundamental Inclusion for Secondary Creator Works

a) HoYoverse's legal copyright statement (i.e. "© All rights reserved by HoYoverse. Other properties belong to their respective owners.")

※ The contents of these guidelines are subject to change at any time. Creators, please ensure that your works comply with the guidelines to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Additionally, to protect its copyrights, HoYoverse has the right to delete any content that receives a copyright complaint.