Vyn Birthday-Limited SSR "A Star in the Night"


▌Vyn Birthday-Limited SSR "A Star in the Night"

In the ardent atmosphere of autumn, September ushers in a most special time.
Loving memories rise into a pas de deux with the melody and its resounding chords.
The garden's budding roses whisper the secrets of the heart.
You and him respond to the surprise invitation together—
Happy birthday, Mr. Vyn Richter.

"Loving Harmony" Shadow of Themis Event-Limited SSR Available with Rate Up
✦ Event Period
2021/9/22 11:00 – 10/3 04:00 (UTC+9)
✦ Event Details
During the event Shadow of Themis, Vyn SSR "A Star in the Night" will have an increased draw rate
※ Vyn SSR "A Star in the Night" is limited to this event Shadow of Themis; After the event ends, this card cannot be obtained for the time being.
※ This event Shadow of Themis' SSR pool only contains three Vyn SSR cards: SSR "A Star in the Night," SSR "Near and Far," and SSR "Medieval Suspense."
※ Every 90 draws will guarantee a Vyn's birthday exclusive SSR Card. The guarantee count will be reset once Vyn's birthday exclusive SSR is drawn.

For details on draw rates, please check the in-game event Shadow of Themis' "Probability" page.