✦Xmas Partyland Sneak Peek✦


Partake in the festive season together and start your snowy adventure.
Xmas Partyland will be available for a limited time starting on December 11!

▌Enjoy a Happy End-of-the-Year Date
Stellis has already redecorated for the upcoming winter festivities. Come explore a new side of the city!

▌Trigger Random Events
Randomly trigger Teleport Points and visit the mysterious Reindeer Workshop to discover all sorts of random events.

▌A Romantic and Cozy Christmas
What adventures await in the silver-clad city on a snowy Christmas Eve?
※Christmas Snowfall Start Time: 2021/12/21 00:00 (UTC+9)

▌Fireworks Together to Welcome the New Year
To welcome in the new year with a bang, Stellis will be hosting a magnificent fireworks show on New Year's Eve. Pick the best vantage point to admire them with him.

※Celebratory Fireworks Start Time: 2021/12/28 00:00 (UTC+9)