"Secrets of the Tomb" Museum Mini-Game Available Soon


Enjoy the rest of your vacation in Khaimit with the NXX team.

✨"Secrets of the Tomb" Museum Mini-Game Available Soon
Event Period: 2022/5/13 11:00 - 5/23 04:00 (UTC+9)

Event Details:
During the event, Attorneys can complete the Museum Mini-Game to obtain Stellin ×3000. Complete the mini-game a certain number of times to obtain S-Chips ×200, Stellin, Oracles of Justice, and other rewards. Complete the mini-game 14 times to obtain the event-limited "Cat Sphinx" Badge.

About the Event
1. If you flip over two identical cells, it makes a matching pair. If you flip over two different cells, then they will return to their face-down state. The game will be complete when all cells have been matched into pairs.
2. You can do two successful game attempts each day. This resets at 04:00 each day, and does not carry over to the next day.
3. You can purchase additional Khaimit Experience Tickets at "Mall - Time-Limited" to increase your daily participation chances. Each Khaimit Experience Ticket grants you one additional chance.
4. All event rewards will be sent to your in-game Mailbox, potentially after a slight delay. It will be valid for seven days, so please claim your rewards in time!