Days of Our Love - Vyn's Birthday Fan Art Event


From love at first sight to forming a deep bond over time, capture the stories you've experienced with him and the sights you've admired together upon the canvas. This is a reminiscence of love exclusive to you and him.

Days of Our Love - Vyn's Birthday Fan Art Event begins! Follow the official Twitter account and Retweet the post to participate in the raffle!

Event Period
Submission Period: 2022/9/19 - 10/7 23:59 (UTC+9)
Appraisal Period: 2022/10/8 - 10/19
Winner Announcement: 2022/10/20

Event Rewards
First Prize (3 people): S-Chip x6,480 + Vyn's Birthday Merchandise Pack x1
Second Prize (7 people): S-Chip x3,280
Third Prize (10 people): S-Chip x1,980

How to Participate
1. With Vyn's birthday as the theme, create fan art that complies with the "Event Rules." Submissions include but are not limited to illustrations, chibis, comic strips, emojis, etc.
2. Log on to Twitter and post your original artwork with hashtags #TearsOfThemis and #DaysOfOurLove to successfully participate in the event.

Evaluation Rules
Artworks will be judged by the official Tears of Themis panel in categories including popularity, quality, and creativity.

HoYoLAB Rewards
Attorneys may also post their original artwork on HoYoLAB with hashtags #TearsOfThemis and #DaysOfOurLove. Submissions include but are not limited to illustrations, chibis, comic strips, emojis, etc. 20 Attorneys will be randomly selected on 10/20 to receive the Lucky Prize (S-Chip x200).
*Attorneys may post the same artwork to HoYoLAB and to their own Twitter account.
*Any work not complying with the "Event Rules" will be disqualified from the Lucky Prize.

Event Rules
1. Submitted works must feature the character Vyn Richter from Tears of Themis as the subject. Submitted works must fit the theme of the event, but there are no restrictions on the art style.
2. Submissions must be your original work and cannot include any content or creativity plagiarism. Submitted works cannot be used to participate in other similar events. Any submission found guilty of plagiarism in any way will be disqualified.
3. Participants may submit multiple works but will not be eligible for multiple rewards. If a participant has submitted multiple works, the best one will be selected for evaluation.
4. Any submissions that match the following will be disqualified: artwork that is uncolored or incomplete contains content that violates the rules of the community or platform, contains gender change or content that does not follow the original design, contains plagiarism or theft of the works of others, unrelated to Tears of Themis or contains content to discredit/defame the game and its characters.
5. Submitted content cannot be used for commercial purposes or to participate in any other similar events, nor can it be authorized for third-party use. You will be disqualified from the competition if you violate any of these rules.
6. Farming popularity for submission is prohibited as it hurts the integrity of the competition. Severe cases will result in disqualification.
7. Competition results will be announced through the official Tears of Themis social media account. Please DM the Tears of Themis official account in the format provided along with your prize reception-related information (UID, name, phone number, address, etc.) within 5 days after the results have been announced. You will automatically forfeit the prizes if you do not contact the official Tears of Themis account in the allowed time. By providing this information, you authorize the event organizers to use it to communicate prize information and delivery.
8. For HoYoLAB Rewards, please pay close attention to system notifications regarding the event winners! The winner should follow the instructions given and provide the information (UID) requested to obtain their prizes. If the winner does not provide said information within two weeks, their prizes will be considered forfeited.