"Springtime Reveries" Available Soon


Beautiful memories engraved in the heart.

Springtime Reveries will be available on 2023/2/20 11:00 (UTC+9)!

✨"Springtime Reveries" Available Soon

Event Period: 2023/2/20 11:00 - 2023/3/27 04:00 (UTC+9)

You can obtain Namecards, Limited-Time Invitation Backgrounds, Tears of Themis, and many other rewards from Springtime Reveries. Tap on "Event - Springtime Reveries" to enter. You can obtain Reveries EXP and raise your Reveries Level to get the corresponding level rewards by completing Reveries Tasks.

1. Regular Reveries

Regular Reveries will be unlocked for free after the version update.

Unlock "Reveries Discount Coupon" upon reaching level 30. Use it to get a discount on the next Version Reveries.

2. Tiered Pass

Attorneys may purchase the Tiered Pass to unlock all content. Reach the specified level to receive the Limited Invitation Background "Terrace Tea Garden," Tears of Themis, S-Chips, and more.

Purchase "Springtime Reveries" to unlock all Tiered Pass content and obtain bonus Pass Rewards. Pass Rewards include Reveries EXP ×1500 (upgrades Springtime Reveries by 15 levels), Tears of Themis, "Reveries - Springtime" Namecard, and more.

For Attorneys who have already purchased the Tiered Pass, you can also purchase the Pass Rewards separately if desired.

Attorneys who have already obtained the Reveries Discount Coupon from "Cloudbreak Reveries" will automatically enjoy a discount when purchasing the Tiered Pass or Springtime Reveries.

Purchasing Reveries will count toward your Total Purchases progress.

3. Invitation Background "Vikya Capital" Permanently Available in the Cosmetics Shop

Starting from 2023/2/20 11:00 (UTC+9), Snowy Reveries Invitation Background "Vikya Capital" will be permanently available for purchase in Mall - Cosmetics - Background.