"A Faerie's Dream" Limited-Time Returner Event


▌Event Period:

2021/12/28 11:00 - 2022/1/25 04:00 (UTC+9)

Your fantastical journey to another country is about to begin. Participate in the Limited-Time Event "A Faerie's Dream" to call your friends back to Stellis, create Unique Dreams, and receive "Tears of Themis - Limited" as well as other generous rewards!

▌Event Access Points:
1. On the main game screen, tap "Event," then "A Faerie's Dream"
2. From the Events tab in Announcements, tap on the link in the "A Faerie's Dream" event announcement to enter
3. Tap the link in the event mail sent to your in-game Mailbox to enter
4. On the official social media pages, check the "A Faerie's Dream" Event Notice and tap on the event link, then login with your HoYoverse account to enter.

▌Event Details:

I. Create Unique Dreams
Obtain Faerie Town materials for the creation of Unique Dreams. Earn rewards such as Tears of Themis ×4, S-Chip ×100, Stellin, and more!

1. During the event, exchange Delicious Acorns in the "A Faerie's Dream" event page to obtain "Dream Sticker," "Dream Frame," and "Dream Background." You can utilize these Faerie Town materials to create your own Unique Dreams!
* Snowscape Materials will only be available for exchange after 2022/1/1 11:00(UTC+9)~
2. There are a total of 3 Dream Realms in this event. Attorneys can choose to create their Dreams in different Dream Realms. When you have finished creating your Dream, please remember to save. You can also obtain "Tears of Themis - Limited" ×1 when you share your Unique Dream to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media apps for the first time.
3. How to obtain "Delicious Acorns"
- Attorneys can obtain "Delicious Acorns" after participating in debate levels. There is no maximum limit to the total amount of "Delicious Acorns" that can be earned.
Reminder: Debates can be from Main Story, Personal Story, Anomaly Investigation, or Legal Studies. Trials of Themis, Temple of Trials, and Fieldwork Debates will not drop "Delicious Acorns."
- Attorneys can obtain free "Delicious Acorns ×20" each day in "Faerie's Dream - Exchange Shop". This will reset daily at 04:00 (UTC+9).
4. How to obtain event rewards
- You can obtain "Tears of Themis ×1" the first time you share the event.
- Collect a certain amount of Dream Materials to obtain "Tears of Themis - Limited ×3", S-Chip× 100, Stellin, Energy Drinks, and other rewards.

II. Limited-Time Returner Tasks
Get your Attorney friends to return to Stellis and obtain generous rewards together!

1. During the event, participate in the "A Faerie's Dream" event to obtain your Returner Code. Obtain "Tears of Themis - Limited ×3" and other gifts when Returning Attorneys use your Returner Code!
2. During the event, Returning Attorneys must fulfill all the requirements listed below in order to be eligible to use a Returner Code:
a. Have an account that was registered before 2021/12/14 23:59:59 (UTC+9)
b. Have not logged in to the game for more than 15 days
c. Have completed Main Story Level 01-13
d. Account level is 10 or higher
e. Have not activated Returner Tasks for 30 days or more.

3. Every Returning Attorney who fulfills these requirements may only use 1 Returner Code. After using the Returner Code, Returning Attorneys may not switch to a different code or use their own Returner Code. After successful usage of a Returner Code, the Returning Attorney will receive "Tears of Themis - Limited ×2", Stellin ×20,000, and Oracle of Justice III ×20.
4. Returning Attorneys can also share their own personal Returner Codes to call their friends back to Stellis.

1. All event rewards will be sent to your in-game Mailbox, potentially after a slight delay.
2. "Tears of Themis - Limited" can be used for the "A Love Poem to Skadi" Shadow of Themis event. After the event ends, "Tears of Themis - Limited" will be converted to Stellin at a rate of 1:10,000.